SlackersChat IRC

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


DreamingGirl: we're gonna look after my dads house for 3 weeks while they're on holiday
DreamingGirl: mow the lawn, paint the wall and stuff
DreamingGirl: and we can use the house as much as we like :D
DreamingGirl: so now we're gonna have bbq :P
Tomala: w00t!
DreamingGirl: and bong can finally get a bath
Tomala: LOL
DreamingGirl: he hasnt use a bathtub since he moved here
DreamingGirl: starting to smell now :P
Tomala: Oh sorry. For some reason I thought you meant he smells
Tomala: Oh you did
Tomala: :P
DreamingGirl: LOLOL

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Being a Chair

Tomala: I also made an NPC into a T Rex with a RPG. He shot combine with rockets near his thigh :P
Tomala: And I ran around as Companion Cube
Bongmaster: hehehe
Bongmaster: just like in ure dreams T :3
Tomala: LOL
Tomala: I had a pack of Gmen carrying the staff weapon shooting each other
Bongmaster: XD
Tomala: And I found out Barney can't protect himself if he's a chair
Bongmaster: reminds me of wen i had a load of people in the gateroom on my map fighting it out with staffs XD
Bongmaster: har
Bongmaster: "hah! you cant protect yourself if your a chair!"