SlackersChat IRC

Friday, 22 May 2009


Hoikas: I have 29 hours left as a HS student
Bongmaster: woop!
Bongmaster: u might be lucky :)
Bongmaster: even if its a sunny spel at the right time ;)
DGTram: I can picture it now: Grey day, and just as you walk up to the podium to accept your papers, the sun brakes through and bathes you in light
Bongmaster: XD
DGTram: and people go: 'ooooo'
Bongmaster: and u say: "it is time that i muxt leave u nao"
Bongmaster: and u float up to the ceilng and bob there for about 5 minits
Hoikas: lol
Hoikas: One slight problem...
Hoikas: The sun will have set by the time we get our diplomas :p
DGTram: see thats why people get impressed

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Quote of the day

ddfreyne_: that was before the AAAH A SPIDER ON MY KEYBOARD
vid: ...
vid: quote of the day right there

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Tomala: The sun is out, I'll go for a walk in a little while
DGTram: sweet
DGTram: we haz midnight sun :P
Bongmaster: yup its total daylight here :3
Tomala: Misson accomplished
Bongmaster: and its 12:38
Tomala: 3:38 here
Bongmaster: as in00:38
Bongmaster: kool
Bongmaster: we wont be seeing any night for a few months
Tomala: So I hear
Tomala: I would hate to be a vampire in Norway